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About Us

Who We Are?

Chema Bricks is an established brick manufacturer providing quality clay products in Patiala, Mohali, and Chandigarh. For many years, we have been our clients’ choice for small, medium, and large-scale construction projects. We are an expanding company, planning to establish our brick supply network in more cities shortly.

What Do We do?

Chema Bricks offers quality bricks and other construction-related products. We follow the best practices to ensure that our clay products meet international quality standards. We believe that innovation is essential to improve any service. That’s why we follow innovative methods for manufacturing bricks to provide long-lasting products to our customers.

A considerable part of our work is understanding the client’s requirements in detail and offering construction solutions depending on them. We deal in both hand-made and machine-made tiles. Plus, we have a deep understanding of the construction industry, which makes us stand out from the competition. Our bricks are tested multiple times before we deliver them to our clients to ensure durability and quality.

Our Vision

Our main objective is to make construction easy and effective for the customers. With our quality bricks, we look forward to helping people build their residential and commercial structures in minimum time without compromising durability. We strive to turn our clients’ dream projects into reality and create strong relationships with them.

We are here to make construction easy for you!

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